Welcome to Engineering Office J. Mitzkewitsch,

Our engineering office stands for innovation and quality in the development of embedded systems. With years of experience in industry, automotive, medical technology and home automation, we offer tailor-made solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.
Our expertise enables us to take on complex challenges and develop highly dynamic, precise servo drives and time-critical real-time applications. Our strength lies in the ability to quickly and efficiently create functional prototypes and perfect them through comprehensive validation.

We are proud to be a part of the German engineering tradition and to anchor our “Made in Germany” seal of quality in every project. Our customer-centric way of working ensures that we deliver not only what is technically possible, but what our customers really need.

Our team of highly skilled and motivated engineers are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to create innovative products that will revolutionize the market. With optimized processes and an agile project management method such as SCRUM, we work transparently and flexibly to achieve the best results.